Derrick RobinsonI have been a qualified ‘approved driving instructor’ (ADI) now for many years having done most of my initial training with Red Driving School. I teach in an area within about 15 miles around Beare Green (Dorking) in Surrey. This area also covers the northern end of West Sussex around the Crawley area as well.

Most driving instructors including myself become independent but often start by taking out a franchise agreement which I did with Red then Drive Dynamics. I am now fully independent.

I also worked a long time with young people as a youth worker in the past, so I thought to qualify as a driving instructor would quite suit me and how right I was as I believe it’s not only the skills of driving that you need to pass on, it’s also the relationship you need to have with your pupils, a relationship to help the pupil to relax as driving for the first time can be a very stressful ordeal and if you’re not fully prepared to get on with young people you may have a shock in store. We are all Human Beings after all, so communicating and understanding each other is very important to me.

Now having said that, it’s not only young people that want to learn to drive, it’s people of all ages and I have had some wonderful more mature pupils learn with me, notably more so with me on my automatic lessons.

That’s enough of me! Now enjoy the rest of my website. I’m sure that you’ll find some useful information on it to help you learn to drive and ultimately pass your driving test