How much is learning to drive going to cost me?

Learning to drive properly is expensive. The average cost of an hour’s driving lesson in a manual car is around £30 and in an automatic car it is normally a little more. These prices can vary between instructors and the area in which you live, but as with most things in life you will get what you pay for. Instructors who claim that you will be able to pass a test in just a few lessons with them are kidding you. It is up to you in the end if you pass a test or not, so if you take one too early and fail, this is going to start costing you more and more money as you have to apply for the test again and have more lessons – be warned. The slightly more expensive instructors are less likely to kid you and may teach less hours per day so therefore can be a lot fresher. Can you imagine the amount of concentration and patience it takes to teach someone to drive! Yes, it can be quite a tiring job. The average amount of driving hours it will take you to pass a driving test is just over 40, (slightly less in an automatic car) so it’s likely to cost over £1000 to get your licence, not forgetting the cost of your licence and your tests.

I can offer block bookings for ten hours so to help reduce costs a little. See my booking page for details